"Excellent, a lot of material covered that can be put into use every day." Edward Bewich, Business & Enterprise Group (Management Academy)

Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualifications are internationally recognised and respected. They provide an ideal balance between academic and vocational content, encouraging delegates to keep up with current thinking and best practice but also to deliver tangible business results from their learning.

Keystone is able to offer a structured framework to support and accredit the learning and development of team leaders, supervisors, first line and middle managers. Accredited by the ILM we have many qualifications available to challenge, stretch and motivate employees. Our bespoke programmes and short courses provide an opportunity to recognise and consolidate existing knowledge and skills, as well as kick-start the process of thinking, acting and making decisions at the next level.

We have received regular outstanding feedback from the ILM relating to our systems, quality control and processes:

"Standards sets by [Keystone] are very high."
"The tracking and records for [Keystone] are excellent."
"[Keystone] works well to empower candidates to achieve."

Our ILM programmes are designed with the following in mind:

  • Powerful training to quickly impact on business performance.
  • Embedding behaviour change and best practice ways of working.
  • Confident, empowered employees who understand their key role in driving your business forward.
  • Development of an organisation where your people take responsibility for, and ownership of, their own goals and performance.
  • Clear focus on personal impact and objectives, making maximum use of time to deliver valuable new skills and competencies.
  • Employees feel invested in and valued.
  • Accredited qualifications can assist the organisation with the winning work process, providing evidence of quality and development standards for tenders and proposals.



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