Behavioural Safety & Safety Leadership Training

"Completely different to what I expected. Really informative and felt everything we said was being listened to."

- Sarah Smith, Balfour Beatty Plant and Fleet (Tipping the Balance)

In the video to the right, Jo Raishbrook, consultant and account manager, and Scott Ellis, Group Health and Safety Manager at Eric Wright Group, talk at the March 2017 HSE Leaders' Event about the success factors of a safety programme we ran.

Behavioural safety training and safety leadership is a key focus for many organisations, and one that is challenging to deliver against. Employees and managers have heard the message many times before... so why do we still get accidents, incidents, near misses and lost time?

Keystone take a behavioural approach to safety and supplementary cultural change programmes, underpinning this with work around delegates' beliefs and values. Our aim is for all your people to fully buy in to the need for personal change and understand how to embed safe working whether they are in a management position or not. Our safety leadership training equips leaders at all levels within the organisation with the skills to cascade a culture of behavioural safety leadership throughout the organisation. This allows the intervention to maintain momentum after the training itself has taken place and delivers long-term results. We have a range of tools and techniques to achieve this, including drama-based learning, DVDs and self-awareness diagnostics.

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