"Excellent course! A fresh way to present the information. Very good at getting the message across with the role play and actors, instead of more presentations and slides etc." Damien Prior, Vinci plc (Effecting Excellent Performance)

We've all experienced the power of watching actors on television, perhaps in our favourite soap or drama. We associate with them, get absorbed in their lives and problems and wish we could give them our advice!

Acting is therefore a powerful development tool. We are able to use carefully designed and scripted scenarios that are absolutely key to the delegates' everyday roles, responsibilities and challenges. It quickly catches their attention, engages them and gets them talking about real issues in a real way. Scenarios can be low-key or highly provocative - we are careful to match our approach to what will work best with your delegates.

Very few delegates like role-play. It often sends the most confident people into nervous wrecks!

In our forum theatre workshops the delegates become directors and only take the spotlight if they feel confident to do so. This means learning becomes non-threatening and delegates find they can learn just as if they were playing the actor's role but without the pressure. Our scenarios allow delegates to recognise character traits and behaviours - either positive or less helpful - that they may share with the characters.

Being outside the emotional stresses associated with the scenarios allows delegates to objectively call a pause with the actors, give advice and re-direct the action to a positive conclusion.

Our facilitators will stop the action at any point and encourage delegates to ask the actors searching questions that allow them to understand how the actor is feeling on a deeper level. This in turn enables delegates to best decide how to influence the situation to a positive outcome. Through testing out different interactions the delegates experience for themselves what exactly works. Relevant models and techniques are then explored with the facilitator to highlight key learning moments.

You will recognise many of our actors from the television. They are gifted at making a scene become incredibly real and are trained to work along our trainers to deliver high impact learning with us.

The acting itself holds a mirror up to the delegate's every day behaviour and invites him or her to reflect upon their own approach to situations - always in an enlightening and supportive way.

Feedback from delegates who attend our acting-based learning programmes is always the same. They can't believe how much more they learnt than they ever expected. Not only does it allow them to learn at a rapid rate, it also ensures a real behavioural change back in the workplace.

We are also able to use actors in one to one behavioural coaching for a very powerful drama-based approach to help highlight interpersonal relationships and the impact of our preferred communication and behavioural styles. This teaches new skills in a high impact and stretching environment. Real behavioural development and change takes place through this medium.

"Extremely satisfied as the actors made a difference to the day."
"Actors were superb, gave good examples and advice."
"Hit the point with realistic situations we have."

Subjects ideally suited to the use of actors include:

  • Leadership
  • Influencing and persuasion techniques
  • Negotiation and objections handling skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Networking
  • Public speaking/presentation skills
  • Winning business
  • Rapport building Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Managing meetings
  • Performance management
  • Conducting a positive appraisal
  • Managing upwards with skill
  • Behavioural development/change
  • Senior 'Personal Impact' coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing pressure in yourself and others

Our training DVDs

Whatever your challenges are in terms of getting key messages across to your people, Keystone will work creatively with you to develop a bespoke DVD showing scripted scenarios to highlight the critical issues facing your business. Whether that's equality and diversity, behavioural safety, leadership, customer service, performance management, conflict resolution, presentation skills - or something else.

Investing in a DVD not only gives you a learning tool to use within workshops, it can also support ongoing internal development such as team briefings, toolbox talks, internally delivered training, inductions and refresher training.

Our top quality professional cameras allow us to take images from the DVD and add them to DVD workbooks for self-learning or group learning. These images can be used to make DVD learning fun and interactive.

Why work with Keystone?

There are many companies that provide acting workshops but what makes us different is that our roots lie firmly in learning and development. We use our extensive business experience to create powerful development solutions and then work with our associate actors to bring this to life through a range of techniques such as forum theatre, hotseating, real play, stealth and talking heads.

We use drama and DVDs as just some of our many training tools because they get the best results in certain circumstances. This means that our focus is not on the actor but on the delegate and the change in behaviour that is required from them by their organisation. This also means that our clients can rest assured in our ability to support them through large cultural change programmes that are directly in line with their business objectives.


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