"Not the prescriptive teaching session I expected. A dramatically different approach to unwritten/subconscious strategies to win/win." Evan Harris, Babcock (Client Relationship Management)

"We would recommend them to any organisation hoping to gain competitive advantage in today's increasingly difficult marketplace." (Michael Smyth, Human Resources Manager, GRAHAM Construction)

In these challenging commercial times, Keystone are proud to support a number of clients towards winning more business. We work to create a proactive mindset towards winning business for all those who contribute to the process and to drive an understanding of how critical client relationship management is to maintaining and excellent reputation and securing repeat and new business in the future. We approach this by working across functions and from the top of the organisation through all levels, keeping your customers' feedback and expectations at the forefront of design and delivery.

We work with clients in key areas such as bid management and writing, sales and bid presentations, client interviews and meetings, sales skills, influencing and persuading, objection handling and client relationship management.

By making everyone involved more self-aware, and by increasing their understanding of the psychology behind winning more work, we support our clients in their mission to remain ahead of the competition and enjoy watching their success becomes ours too.

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