Andrew Hollingsworth

Coming from a retail background including companies such as Next and Asda-Walmart, customer service is second-nature to Andy. He's designed and delivered a range of customer service and Service Excellence programmes across a range of clients in a variety of sectors. One of his programmes, a customer service programme with HE accreditation for Coventry University, went on to be a hugely successful programme across several sectors and was delivered from logistics to the NHS. Another bespoke service excellent programme, designed and delivered as part of a customer transformation journey for a manufacturing/engineering company, has yielded major increases in customer satisfaction. Andy has also been part of the design and delivery team for Sodexo rolling out a customer service excellence programme across the UK and Ireland. The programme was focused on increasing customer satisfaction to yield greater revenue from contracts by engaging the customer to provide greater opportunity/choice and feedback about services and products as well as to provide 'soft selling' skills to Sodexo staff. Following on from the success of this programme, Andy also designed a customer care/service programme for the Sodexo healthcare business.

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