Jane Kang

Jane is a trainer, coach and cultural change consultant working mainly in public and private sector organisations. Her business projects have involved cultural change programmes within client business re-engineering projects. Her trademarks are in depth organisational diagnostics and realistic practical solutions. She includes her client in solution design, knowing from experience that if people engage with the process, the greater their benefit and the quicker the return on investment for her client. Her approach has been described as energetic, informal, versatile, humorous and streetwise – whether as a consultant or delivering training or coaching to senior management.  She believes in close collaboration with clients and in the course of her work has gained a pilot's licence and HGV licence.  She is a qualified NLP Practitioner, is licenced to use the MBTI instrument, is DISC accredited and additionally designs competency frameworks and designs and delivers assessment centres. She is also an accredited BTEC Assessor Trainer.

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