Karen Noone

As a Performing Arts graduate of De Montfort University Karen has numerous transferable skills that she utilises on a professional basis within all of the solutions she delivers. An outgoing, energetic motivator, Karen has the ability to express her style in a unique way, capturing and inspiring her audience. Karen's career began in the dynamic media and music industry, where she spent a number of exciting and exhausting years before moving on to the world of sales. It was within sales that Karen discovered her niche and a profound ability to move people within the workplace. Karen's outstanding skills led her to become the UK sales and operations manager for a large American corporation. Karen then ran her own sales-focused business for over five years. It was here that she began designing and delivering her own training workshops, finally becoming a full-time training provider who gained extensive experience of working with wider audiences and subject matters. Today, Karen spends her time doing what she does best - developing and motivating your staff to do what they do best! Karen can change people's performance with remarkable results, helping them to exceed targets in a way that they would never have imagined.