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The 4 Main Benefits Of HR Training Courses for HR Managers

26 July 2022

An effective human resources manager is often at the centre of all successful organisations. The HR department provides the foundation for its company's culture, and helps to foster the growth and development of all staff. 

While the size of the department and the number of HR managers may differ, the importance of the role should never be underestimated. By attending the right training course, it can help you to gain the skills...

Why Your Business Should Take A Professional Communication Skills Training Course

27 June 2022

Communication is an integral part of the workplace as it allows information to be shared between your colleagues and the clients you work with. It's an important soft skill that needs to be worked on a regular basis so that you are able to communicate important information effectively with a client or colleague.

Professional communication is a skill that you need to constantly work on as it'll bring major benefits to your business. By...

Five Effective Tips For Presentations

09 June 2022

Having a presentation style that works for you is essential to delivering presentations to various audiences. With there being so many different presentation tips, this needs to be factored into how you deliver the content within the presentation.

Whether you are experienced or new to presenting in front of an audience, you need to make sure your presentation style works for you. It takes a lot of practice before you're comfortable...

How You Can Implement An Intelligent Strategic Business Plan

18 May 2022

Having a strategic business plan is essential if you want to take your business to the next level. Compiling one is an important process that you should complete thoroughly if you're serious about the long-term growth of your company. 

If this is your first time creating a strategic business plan, it can be hard to figure out where to start. A plan needs to include information about your business, the products you offer and...

4 Barriers To Effective Professional Communication And How Your Business Can Remove Them

05 May 2022

Professional communication skills are an essential and valuable tool for businesses. Having effective communication means that employees are motivated to achieve the main goals and objectives in your business. It can also make it easier for your team to share ideas that can be turned into actionable results.

Understanding the barriers to effective communication is crucial for both the business and the people who work for it. A communication...

What is Organisational Needs Analysis?

16 June 2021

An organisational needs analysis is a highly effective method used for highlighting any risks or opportunities that may impact your business plan and strategic goals over the next 2-5 years. As a result, an ONA identifies existing and future staff development needs and how these link into achieving your strategic plan. The ONA process should result in tangible performance and productivity boosts for employees and...

What is Wellbeing in the Workplace?

23 March 2021

Over the last few years, a new buzzword has worked its way into workplaces across the globe. Although the idea of wellbeing and how it can be improved for employees has traditionally not been high on the list of priorities for companies, in recent times that has begun to change.

This cultural shift has been gaining traction for years but the global pandemic has now led to businesses being put under more pressure than ever before. The...

What is the Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring?

29 January 2021

At Keystone, we offer a variety of courses and credentials that cover all manner of industries and topics. Some of our most popular ones are the in-depth series of coaching & mentoring webinars.

The aim of these courses is to show delegates how to understand the characteristics of a good coach or mentor, assess their natural style, identify strengths and areas for growth before adapting their coaching style. This is done by tailoring...

How To Improve Communication Skills Within The Workplace

30 September 2020

Improving your communication skills will help you in every phase of your life, but they are especially important within the workplace. Your ability to communicate effectively can determine how you will perform within your career. 

Below we will discuss 5 key communication skills for workplace success.

Listening Skills

Being a good listener is half of what it takes to become a good communicator,...

What is an ILM Qualification and Why Do You Need One?

19 August 2020

ILM qualifications are becoming increasingly popular with organisations across all industries, which encourage the continuous professional development of their employees. An ILM qualification will improve your employee's leadership and management skills and prepare them for undertaking more responsibilities and higher-level roles.

The ILM is at the forefront of leadership and management training and education. They offer courses...

8 Benefits of Equal Opportunities and Diversity in the Workplace

08 July 2020

Inclusion, Equality & Diversity in the Workplace Explained

Many companies have implemented equality, diversity and inclusion policies and practices in the workplace. Having an open-minded, forward-thinking and accepting work environment is now something that many companies strive to achieve. Recently, the issue of understanding why diversity and equality are important in the workplace has gained even more attention across the whole world....

5 Skills Your Employees Will Need Post-Coronavirus

17 June 2020

Even before the Coronavirus, the business world was undergoing a transformation. Soft skills, leadership abilities and digital knowledge were already coming ahead as the new, modern skills to have in an ever-changing work environment. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, companies have worked even harder to identify skill gaps within their organisations. They have used the available time to upskill employees in areas which are likely to improve business...

The Coronavirus Lockdown is the Perfect Time to Upskill Your Employees

21 May 2020

The global Coronavirus pandemic hit businesses hard and especially those struggling to find the right talent and optimise their workflow. Working patterns have changed, employees have moved to work from home and a portion of the workforce is on furlough. Companies are now facing issues with both managing the new situation and preserving the key skills within the business.

Remote working and social distancing, to some degree, are...

Learning Live 2017

26 May 2017

Keystone are excited to announce our attendance as a Premium Exhibitor at this year's Learning Live event on 6th and 7th September in London. We'll be running the first seminar of the event on 6th September, and have an interactive session planned to show you how you can harness the power of theatre techniques in training to achieve sustainable behavioural change. We'll give you an experience of theatre techniques via our specialist...

New Blog! Safety On Site - Breaking Bad?

10 February 2014

We have a new blog post up from our very own, Jo Raishbrook. In this month's blog, Jo speaks on his new founded addiction to the hit television show 'Breaking Bad' and how he finds many similarities between the show and his experience in Behavioural Safety. It's a great read with some very interesting comparisions!

Check it out here:

Team Member has a Management Book Published!

03 December 2013

Congratulations to team member Esther Patrick who has had her book 'Management: The Essential Guide' published by Need2Know Publishers! Lack of access to good quality management training and role models is a problem for a lot of managers. Many UK businesses think that management skills are something you can pick up 'on the job'. They're wrong. It's already hard for a manager to approach their operational tasks – planning,...


23 September 2012

Cotswold Conference Centre are one of our preferred training venues, set in a stunning location with great facilities, so when they invited the team to their Bollywood-themed "Great Night In", several of us jumped at the chance! Celebrating the completed refurbishment of their building Foxhill Manor, the evening started with drinks and canapés. Guests toured the new building and then enjoyed a Bollywood dance demonstration and...

Congratulations are in order!

16 September 2012

Congratulations to Jo Raishbrook, our Senior Facilitator and Coach, and his partner (another Jo!) on the birth of their daughter Molly. Family Raishbrook grew from three to four people on 16th September 2012 when Molly was born at 7.52 a.m. weighing 8lb 9oz.

Taking the Lead programme really delivers

19 July 2012

Our popular Taking the Lead programme has just reached another successful conclusion with the most recent course drawing a range of positive comments from delegates at Balfour Beatty Projects.

"The course was draining physically, mentally and emotionally in a completely positive way."

"Brilliant course – lots more Balfour Beatty staff should go on this course."

Run over 4 days as a residential programme,...

Getting the most out of your interim HRDs

19 June 2012

A recent article from HRZone ( looked at the skills of an interim HRD. It's well worth a quick read - these people have the potential to make a massive positive impact on your organisation, but you do need to set them up for success. Key skills highlighted as essential were change management, people skills, managing stakeholders, being sensitive to the organisation's culture and to be comfortable working in an...

Team Leader Development Programme gets results for Bombardier

27 January 2012

As part of its development strategy for Team Leaders, Bombardier Transportation UK worked in partnership with Keystone to roll out the ILM Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading across its UK sites.


Gary Kinsey, Learning and Development Lead for the UK and Central Europe, says, "Bombardier is delighted to be working in partnership with the ILM and Keystone. The ILM offers a widely respected and recognised qualification...

HR Directors’ Business Summit 2012

26 January 2012

The Keystone team are back from exhibiting at the 10th annual HR Directors' Business Summit - and we've already booked for next year! This two day event is essential attendance for HR Directors who want to make an impact in their organisations. Our joint Managing Directors, Angela Loggie and Sally Burrows, and our sales team of Vickie Elston and Jo Raishbrook, had a fast-paced and productive two days. As well as our busy stand...

Leadership today - and an exciting new tool

29 September 2011

As organisations become flatter and the environment more complex, leaders must deal with increasing ambiguity. Whether your organisation is traditional or a newer matrix-type structure, you'll find that your business leaders and managers can no longer rely on hierarchical authority or a 'business as usual' approach. They need to work with awareness and intelligence in key competency areas that directly impact their effectiveness...

Drama-based learning - are you curious?

29 September 2011

We've just uploaded three film clips showing our approach to drama-based learning. Why not visit our Media page and take a look at this exciting, engaging way of delivering results and behavioural change back at work? This season, we're focusing on behavioural safety.

Keep checking back for more film clips in the future using actors to deliver high impact learning in other business subjects.

If you want more information...

New equality, inclusion and diversity project

27 September 2011

Keystone are in the initial stages of an exciting new diversity programme for Vinci Construction. Vinci have launched their RESPECT: Equality, Inclusion and Diversity in Action campaign. All managers receive training for one day in diversity, with the session using actors and theatre techniques for maximum impact and engagement. The morning focuses on understanding the key principles around creating a positive culture of inclusion and diversity,...

Wedding belles

27 September 2011

Congratulations to Vickie Elston (nee Gaze), our Client Relationship Manager for the Midlands, who recently married her partner of 10 years. Richard and Vickie chose the beautiful Rowton Hall Hotel and Spa in Chester for their ceremony and reception. The whole team attended this special day to celebrate with Vickie, Richard and their families and friends.

The happy couple went off on a 'mini-moon', to be followed by a full honeymoon...