Disability Rights UK

"In a world of increasing complexity, diverse leadership brings resilience and new solutions." Liz Sayce – Chief Executive Officer – Disability Rights UK

Keystone are very proud to be working in partnership with leading charity Disability Rights UK, an organisation of disabled people leading change, working to create a society where everyone with lived experience of disability or health conditions can participate equally as full citizens.

The Leadership Academy Programme was developed following a feasibility study commissioned by DR UK which highlighted the demand for a career development programme run by and for people with lived experience of disability and/or long-term health conditions. A pilot ran in 2014 and is now being rolled out.

For more information on the programme and how to apply, please click here.


Matrix and Complex Environments


As organisations become flatter and the environment more complex, organisations are gradually moving from hierarchical structures to matrix and matrix-type structures and ways of working. Now, leaders and managers need to work with awareness and intelligence in seven capability areas that directly impact their effectiveness and therefore your organisation's performance. Click HERE to discover the seven capability areas and our suite of essential development tools and training, available through our partnership with our international operations associates David Bancroft-Turner MIPD, Dip TM and Wayne Thomas MA, MSc, MBA, PhD.


Keystone has partnered with Future Learning Solutions to create 6 e-learning modules for busy managers: Communication Skills, Coaching Skills, Performance Conversations, Planning Organising and Time Management, Presenting with Impact, and Managing Meetings. These will shortly be available for use with training programmes or as stand-alone solutions. For more information, please get in touch.


There are huge efficiencies to be made by equipping delegates with knowledge content before they attend training so that the session can focus on skills practice, giving instant 'pocket access' to relevant handouts and resources during the training and then providing them with easily accessible reference materials afterwards. Equally, a pure e-learning approach benefits from a user-friendly interface and easily accessible platform. Keystone is proud to partner with SelfPoint - the learning solution you carry in your pocket.

SelfPoint is a dynamic (cloud hosted) web app. This means it takes up almost no space on a delegate's smartphone. It can also be used on tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktop computers. By clicking a simple link, delegates are immediately taken to a menu of content for their course or topic ready for them to self-study.

SelfPoint can also be used alongside traditional training for pre-work, reading up on knowledge and facts, post-work and for quick reference back in the workplace. By using a learning platform to remove the need for knowledge input during a training session, the entire time delegates are with the facilitator they can spend it productively on actual skills practice and behavioural change.

Self-Point represents a real investment in your employees' development and increases the value of your spend on training. It can also be branded using your organisation's logo and colour scheme.

It's quick to set up, works across all e-devices, can be accessed 'on the move' and away from the office, and is very reasonably priced compared to the use of apps or traditional e-learning platforms.

To see our demo SelfPoint site, click HERE. Please note this link is optimised for mobiles and tablets rather than PCs or laptops.

Fusion Universal – Fuse Platform

Fuse is an exciting new development in the world of e-learning – a social learning platform that is easy to use, fast to update, gets sustainable results quickly and is more affordable. Read more about it HERE.