Coaching Techniques & Mentoring Skills

Our various courses and programmes have been designed to build an understanding of the principles of effective coaching techniques and mentoring skills. They aim to engender knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to each role and acts as a comprehensive guide addressing key issues relevant to the processes and skills required for both.

Our courses aim to show each delegate how to understand the characteristics of a good coach, how to assess their natural coaching style, strengths and areas for growth, and how to apart their coaching style by making it appropriate to the learning style of the individual being coached. All of our training courses can be re-designed to meet your organisation's exact requirements, so contact us by email or by calling 0115 985 6576 to find out how we can adapt our programmes to suit your requirements.

Coaching & Mentoring Courses

Our coaching techniques for line managers programme has been specifically designed to support line managers in their ability to develop, train and coach individual team members. It can be specifically tailored to 'wrap around' the personal development review process and will ensure that managers take a long-term coaching approach towards the personal development of employees. 

This two-day coaching programme is designed to provide tools and techniques that will enable managers to work more successfully, confidently and professionally as a coach and to view coaching as the backbone to their conducting appraisal reviews. Managers will practice their ability to support and challenge one another through effective coaching techniques. They will learn how to set, review and measure development objectives in a proactive way. Through applying the SOARR coaching model to the current personal planning process, line managers can follow a structured approach towards the above. 

Coaching Techniques for Line Managers

This programme will enable line managers to understand what they must do in order to coach employees through each critical stage of development planning. Not only will this training equip managers with the skills to coach employees, but it will also motivate them to take ownership of their own personal development.

To find out more about our training for effective coaching techniques, you can download our course PDFs, get in touch by email or call us on 0115 985 6576 for a consultation.

Coaching & Mentoring

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