NLP Sales and Customer Service Training Webinars

Our NLP Sales and Customer Service training webinars provide an overview of client relationship management and examine the skills necessary for anyone who interacts with customers. The online training course focuses on building rapport and trust through effective communication. Delegates will learn how to sustain long-term relationships and manage complaints effectively, with the aim of ensuring that the customer experience is second to none.

Our high-impact online training provides business development executives and managers with the professional skills that are needed to effectively manage client relationships after initial contracts are won. Your organisation will learn how to understand your client and customer's environment, culture and requirements, how to manage your resources against those requirements, and how to measure performance against them.

All of our customer service webinars provide effective training programmes, which can be re-designed to meet your organisation's exact requirements. Contact us by email, or by calling 07914 677 719, to find out how we can adapt our online courses to suit your requirements.

NLP Sales Techniques

Our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) sales webinars are specifically designed to equip senior managers with exceptional presentation, briefing and selling techniques. By modelling the very best presentation, communication and influencing strategies, managers are able to rapidly develop confidence and advance their skillset. Their enhanced confidence and improved communication can be easily applied to their future sales presentations.

This online training course takes a holistic and refreshing approach to sales presentations in a range of contexts – to the board, to their reports and to clients and other stakeholders. It does so by focusing primarily on how to construct and deliver a compelling sales message, which ultimately builds credibility and relationships whilst delivering positive, measurable results.

Drawing on the psychology of persuasion, our sales training courses enable delegates to understand the purpose and use of modelling NLP sales skills and to be able to structure and deliver a powerful and convincing sales message.

To find out more about our professional online CRM training courses and our NLP sales webinars, you can download our course PDFs, get in touch by email or call us on 07914 677 719 for a consultation.

Customer Service and Sales