Managing Remote Teams

Keystone Training's Managing Remote Teams interactive online course is aimed at employees and people managers, faced with the challenge of switching to distance working. 

Many of our clients are moving, or have already moved, to remote working for the next few months, and some are planning a permanent shift to working from home. Several organisations have asked us to deliver webinars for their people who are affected by this change to equip them with the resilience, skills and behaviours to maintain productivity, keep up morale and continue to build effective client and supplier relationships while navigating a very different working environment and personal pressures.

As we go further into the digital evolution, there is a growing trend happening in the creation of new virtual and remote working opportunities. Technological advancement has allowed businesses to leverage digital tools and software, from video conferencing to file-sharing, making it easier to continue working as a team from anywhere in the world.

After careful consideration of the needs and practices on the market, we created two Managing Remote Teams online courses, which will help your team and managers handle the transition smoothly and efficiently.

Successful Remote Working Online Course
2 Hours

This online training will aim to equip people with the skills and understanding needed to be an integral part of a remote working team, and introduce them to practical tools which they can leverage immediately. The Successful Remote Working online course will explore topics such as planning, organising and time management, the context of remote working, and how to make the best use of available online resources and digital tools. 

By the end of the online course, employees will be able to demonstrate increased confidence about switching to remote working or flexible remote working patterns. Participants who already have experience at working remotely, either at present or at a previous position, will be equipped with innovative strategies and introduced to simple, yet effective actions, the completion of which will ensure they personally remain as effective as possible.

Successfully Managing a Remote Team Online Training

This digital training course will equip managers and team leaders with the mindset and practical approaches needed to successfully manage an efficient remote team. The webinar will also introduce them to a set of practical tools they can immediately put in practice at their workplace. With a focus on developing remote working capabilities, engagement strategies and leveraging technology and digital platforms, our Managing a Remote Team course is ideal for managers of all levels. 

By the end of the online training course, managers will feel more knowledgeable and confident about supporting and moving their team to remote working or flexible remote working either now or as the need arises. Managers overseeing a new or established remote team will feel equipped to go back and implement simple actions and organisational strategies to ensure that their teams remain motivated, effective and productive. 

As a fully remote team for the last 15 years, Keystone has a wealth of experience in this area and our success has been built on leveraging the positives of a remote workforce. Please see the overview for our Successful Remote Working webinar for teams here,  and the full outline for the Successfully Managing a Remote Team webinar here. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk it through or book a session

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