Successful Remote Working

Successful Remote Working webinar (2 hours) and Successfully Managing a Remote Team webinar (2 hours) - an interactive webinar aimed at either employees or at people managers. Many of our clients are moving, or have already moved, to remote working for the next few months as a minimum. Several organisations have asked us to deliver webinars for their people who are affected by this change to equip them with the resilience, skills and behaviours to maintain productivity, keep up morale and continue to build effective client and supplier relationships while navigating a very different working environment and personal pressures. As a fully remote team for the last 15 years, Keystone has a wealth of experience in this area and our success has been built on leveraging the positives of a remote workforce. Please see the overview for this webinar here for employees and here for people managers, and get in touch if you would like to talk it through or book a session.

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