High Impact Learning Strategies & Training

Keystone Training provides high impact learning strategies and training that offers huge benefits to businesses. 

Traditional training has had its day. The problem with traditional training is that it's trainer-centred, so delegates are expected to get into the trainer's mindset to learn, rather than the trainer catering to how the individual learns. Research shows that only around 15% of delegates undergoing traditional training take some learning back to work and apply it. 

Our High Impact Learning Approach 

For us, those figures don't stack up. That's why we use a high impact learning approach. High impact learning is proactive, planned and supports your business strategy. It has a greater impact in the business and supports organisation-wide results. It works because it's learner-centred, so the facilitator gets into the delegates' mindsets – quickly. We use a range of accelerated learning techniques and activities so that delegates experience the learning, internalise it and have it available to them long after the session is over. 

We receive regular feedback from people who tell us that they are surprised at how easy it has been for them to confidently apply learned skills and behaviours back at work and in their personal lives.

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