Leadership and Management Training

Keystone's Leadership and Management training will equip current managers and employees who aspire to climb up the ladder with all the necessary team management skills, including coaching techniques for line managers, talent management, absence management, performance management and more.

Our training also covers inclusive and authentic leadership. Leadership and Management training is available online, perfect for distance learning and employees who are encouraged to work from home, with blended options where appropriate.

Leadership and Management Courses Online

Management and Leadership are two sides of the same coin, and a successful manager will be an inspiring leader as well. Our Leadership and Management training is one of the most popular subject areas we offer as it introduces the differences between management and leadership and explores the responsibilities involved with each role. 

Leadership and management training will challenge delegates and aid them in becoming more effective in a range of key management competencies. Managers will be taught the importance of gaining commitment and buy-in from those they lead through motivational leadership skills. Delegates will discover their leadership style and learn how to adapt this in order to get the best out of different individuals and situations.

Two-day Leadership and Management Training Course Objectives

Our standard two-day Leadership and Management course can be adapted to meet your exact requirements and will aim to equip employees with key management, planning and problem-solving skills. Following the course each delegate will be able to:

  • Manage and lead effectively in the workplace.
  • Understand their natural preference and way of working as a leader.
  • Broaden their management strengths and capabilities.
  • Manage others effectively through change.
  • Motivate through effective coaching, situational leadership and performance management.
  • Gain the commitment and ownership of their teams and individuals.

One-day Introduction to Leadership and Management Course Objectives

This Introduction Level training course is similar to our Leadership and Management Training but it has been specifically developed for employees who are looking to step into a first-line management role. 

Through personalised training, your employee will gain personal awareness of their leadership style. The Introduction to Leadership and Management course will guide them through adapting their natural style to engage and motivate individuals within their team. They will learn how to manage teams as a whole in order to ensure maximum team effectiveness in the workplace.

The dedicated facilitator will engage with your employee and help them develop their management skills, confidence, decision-making processes and accountability. Following the Introduction to Leadership and Management course, each delegate will be able to:

  • Develop the responsibilities and accountabilities of the first-line manager.
  • Manage relationships work-based friends and colleagues when moving from 'peer' to 'leader'.
  • Build and manage an effective team through key leadership skills.
  • Develop essential people management skills.
  • Develop key coaching and delegation techniques in order to strengthen the team's capabilities.
  • Increase your confidence and ability in performance managing your team members.
  • Develop a leadership style and adapt it to suit the individual and the situation.

For the full course PDF please click here.

Definition of Leadership and Management 

People often juxtapose leadership and management but in reality, they should go hand in hand and complement each other. Leadership is more focused on inspiring ideas, helping people to understand and follow your example because they believe in the worth behind it. Management tends to be more serious and task-based. Good management will ensure the task are met day-to-day, they will know who is accountable for each action and will develop a plan of action, which clearly outlines the steps to progress.

A successful business will aim to have both leadership and management combined together. A successful team manager will plan, coordinate and revise, while also listening to and empathising with the staff and inspiring them to lead the business forward.

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