Nik Rabbani-Barker

Nik is an experienced facilitator and coach who is known for designing and engaging participants in bold and innovative sessions. She has a wealth of experience facilitating Team Building workshops, Leadership and Conflict Resolution sessions across the private, public and charitable sectors.  She currently works with companies in Washington D.C, Sweden, Mumbai, Bangalore, Poland and across the UK.

Nik works with a wide-ranging portfolio of clients, including companies within the Pharmaceutical industry, Retail sector, Banking and Legal sectors, Engineering and Construction industry, Local Authorities, and Education sector.

She facilitates ILM Accredited Leadership courses at Levels 3 and 5.

Nik is also a Conflict Resolution Practitioner and Team Leader for a leading charity of the year 2009).  She has worked in prisons and alongside disenfranchised young people in gangs and schools.

Nik holds a PGCE/Cert Ed in Teaching and Training Adults.  She is an accredited Team Management Systems Profile (TMSDi) Facilitator and Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) Facilitator. Nik is also a qualified N.L.P and Clinical Hypnosis practitioner.

Nik has the ability to implement problem-solving techniques effectively, she is an extremely motivated individual who challenges herself to continually learn and develop.  She remains open to constructive feedback and committed to acting upon it.  She strives for excellence and can be relied upon to do a job well.

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