Colin Salter

Colin is an enthusiastic, committed and dynamic specialist in management consultancy and leadership development, with practical hands-on experience in the leadership role, and fifteen years' experience in leadership development from team leader to executive level. This experience spans SMEs to MNCs and both the private and public sectors.

His most recent senior management experience was on a joint company programme with Hill International and Watermans in Warsaw, Poland, focusing on managing change and financial management. He also provided a consultancy/facilitation role with Alstom Stafford power generators division which had merged with its French counterpart, Belfort, and whose senior management team worked on a plan to engage their teams in the implementation of the change programme.

At a first line manager level, he contributed to the design and delivery of a four year UK-wide management development programme with the Child Support Agency, and the first ever late night entertainment degree programme for the Luminar night club chain which spanned three years and won the 2010 National Training Award.

In a non-training capacity, and because of his extensive experience of working with local authorities across the UK, Colin was commissioned by an East Midlands local authority to develop their internal staff values and behaviours in line with the corporate vision. These have since been incorporated into the performance management system. He has a significant track record in developing training materials and has been commissioned to do so by Pixelearning, a world-leading provider of immersive learning simulations, the DTI, the University of Loughborough, and University of Leicester.

As a management generalist, Colin's portfolio of programmes includes a broad range of leadership/managing people, team dynamics/high performing teams, and personal effectiveness workshops. He has considerable experience of delivering training in disciplines including: problem-solving and decision-making, finance for non-financial managers, managing change, project management, performance management, marketing strategy, and customer service excellence.

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