Jo Raishbrook

Learning and Development Consultant

Jo is a senior consultant, trainer and coach, as well as Account Manager for many of our clients. He has been designing, managing and delivering coaching and training initiatives for a number of years. Experienced in using a range of techniques such as NLP, Transactional Analysis and values work, Jo specialises in creating tangible behavioural change through acting and theatre techniques.

Once a professional actor as well as business coach and trainer, Jo draws on his experience in both the corporate and performance sectors to ensure a highly experiential approach to his programmes, coaching sessions and workshops. As a facilitator, coach and consultant, Jo's "other life" has seen him interact, work with and study people across the globe, from a number of cultures, and was instrumental in urging him to pursue his current course. His challenging, flexible and holistic approach ensures that he tailors his methods to best engage the learner and achieve the desired outcomes to help them succeed. Encouraging emotional freedom, Jo's theatre expertise is used where appropriate to embed the realisations and discoveries uncovered in his sessions and programmes. Results driven, his creativity in this field allows High Impact Learning to be achieved through innovative solutions. From working with those in senior roles right across the spectrum to those at ground level, Jo's approach allows mutual trust and respect to be created from the very first introduction, regardless of whether he is wearing the hat of coach, trainer or consultant.

Always passionate and determined to find the right approach for the right experience, Jo has found widespread success working across a number of industries with a variety of people.

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