Course List

Keystone will work with you to give the training the best possible head start: from implementing the right pre-course work, marketing, communication and 'warm up', to the senior manager introducing the reasons why delegates are attending. Wherever possible we will help you to gain the support of the delegates' line managers, from pre-course meetings to feedback sessions and reports.

We have enormous experience running programmes across a diverse range of industries and cultures, and we understand the importance of targeting the audience to best effect. Our trainers very quickly assess the profile of the group they are training and adapt their style and approach accordingly.

Throughout our programmes, delegates will be asked to consider the actions they will take away from the training as their managers will be following up with them to discuss progress. We also conduct follow up days to really embed and develop the learning further into the workplace.

In addition to bespoke programmes and short courses, we also offer one, two or three day workshops based on a variety of business and interpersonal skills topics. Below is a list of courses currently supplied by Keystone. All of these can be re-designed to meet your exact requirements, so why not contact us to for a chat?

Leadership and Management

Commercial, Projects and Finance


Customer Service


Personal Development

HR and Learning & Development

Coaching and Mentoring

Behavioural Safety

Qualifications accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)