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Providing transformational learning

Keystone is a training and consultancy firm providing transformational workplace and organisational training and learning. We put great emphasis on the potential for individuals and teams within organisations to grow and succeed, and our approach is to tap into that potential with bespoke training programmes. Our skilled facilitators used customised solutions and collaborative approaches to deliver quality results.

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Personal impact and team development

How we help your business

We are passionate about tapping into the potential of every individual and team we collaborate with. The bespoke courses and programmes at Keystone are designed to enhance and develop core and essential skills, increase confidence and empower individuals and teams, while also fostering an environment conducive to top-notch performance.

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Excellent customer experience

Building robust relationships

Keystone’s core focus is on the relationships our facilitators build with our clients, and our clients are at the forefront of all that we do. We endeavour to build and maintain professional relationships built on trust and full transparency. We achieve this with full support and guidance from our team.

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Organisations and people are unique and our solutions reflect this​


We consistently focus on high quality and standards to achieve the best results for our partners​


Our creative approach is focused on unlocking potential in everyone​


We understand that transformational results are achieved through partnerships built on trust​

Our services

Culture and Wellbeing

Keystone offers culture and wellbeing solutions to clients who want to implement change that will improve the effectiveness of their organisation. We work collaboratively with leaders, employees, and stakeholders to explore new possibilities and co-create solutions that align with your organisation's values and goals.

Personal development

Keystone’s aim is to deliver measurable results that directly contribute to the success of your organisation. Your people will all have their own unique development needs and we work closely with you to understand the context and desired outcomes, and we tailor our learning and coaching programmes accordingly. Whether you need to enhance your employees' communication, emotional intelligence, or practical skills, we create training that can help them.

Leadership and management development

At Keystone, we take a unique approach to leadership development that is grounded in the concept of cultivating a growth mindset. We believe that leaders who are self-aware and encouraged to be open to new experiences are better equipped to overcome challenges, inspire their teams, and create a positive and productive culture.

Safety leadership

Leading a safe and healthy culture is key for all organisations but it can be difficult to deliver tangible results. Many employees and managers have heard the message many times before... so why do we still get accidents, incidents, near misses and lost time?

Digital learning solutions

Keystone creates bespoke digital learning solutions to deliver, support, and elevate your people’s learning and development for maximum impact and results. Whatever your challenges are, our creative team have the experience and skills to produce content which delivers sustained change.

Drama-based learning

Many companies ‘do drama’ or have found their way into learning and development via working in theatre but what makes Keystone different is that we are passionate about integrating the techniques with learning excellence to deliver business results.

Team development

Build a synergistic and positively productive team ready to handle challenges within your organisation with our Team Development programme. The professional facilitators at Keystone will collaborate with your team members to improve communication and problem-solving skills whilst creating a supportive and facilitated learning environment.

Accredited qualifications

Here at Keystone, we are proud to be an Approved Centre for qualifications with ILM and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and an Approved Training Organisation with CITB.

Looking for something bespoke?

At Keystone, we specialise in creating bespoke learning and development to meet your organisation’s exact needs. Get in touch today to find out how we can work with you to deliver what you need.”

“Keystone is essentially the best learning provider we have worked with. They lead us to a solution that is beyond what we had originally anticipated. The highest form of recommendation we can give is that from Executive Board to training participant level, everyone sees the value, return on investment and the cost effectiveness of working with Keystone. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Michael Smyth, Head of Human Resources

GRAHAM Construction

“Keystone’s collaborative approach makes it feel like they’re an extension of the team, instead of an external training provider. They’re excellent at striking the balance between creative and innovative solutions, with the challenges and reality of business. Keystone are truly a provider who will take the time to understand the business and deliver engaging programmes that challenge individuals and provide value to the business.”

Learning and Developing Manager

Interserve Construction Ltd

“We have worked with Keystone for a number of years. They can always be relied on to develop complementary ideas and concepts to deliver immersive and highly interactive training. We are  seeing the benefit of this training, not only in our health and safety results, but also in the level of engagement across the business.”

Andy Taylor, Health and Safety Director UK


“Working with Keystone has been a breath of fresh air. We have seen an immediate impact on the behaviours of our people and subsequently improved performance across our business.”

Head of Learning and Development


“Proposals from Keystone are a joy to read, and implementation is amazing! They listen to what I want and then suggest a range of great solutions from which I select what works best for the learning group. From using actors to rigorous workplace assessment, their creativity is boundless just like their energy. Thank you.”

Head of Employee Development

Baxi Heating UK

“Not the prescriptive teaching session I expected. A dramatically different approach to unwritten/subconscious strategies to win/win.”

Training participant


“I have received fantastic feedback about the ILM safety coaches programme. This is a great course for all our people and will be a catalyst for change within the business.”

Group HSE Manager

Eric Wright Group

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