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 Keystone Training are expert providers of innovative, high impact training for behavioural safety, equality and diversity, leadership development, HRtalent management and sales for large businesses and organisations across the UK.

Covid-19 Business Update

The situation with Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) which can lead to the illness Covid-19 is causing disruption for millions of people and for businesses around the globe. 

Keystone has invested in several ways to support our clients during these challenging times, in which remote and home working are becoming the new "normal" and likely to remain so for 6-18 months.

Managing Remote Teams Course

Switching to remote working and communicating with and managing teams remotely can be stressful and challenging. To help you handle all the of working from home, Keystone developed two specialist Managing Remote Teams courses: 

  • Successful Remote Working course(2 hours)  - an interactive webinar aimed at employees to equip people with the skills and understanding needed to be an integral part of a remote working team.

  • Successfully Managing a Remote Team course (2 hours) - this online course will equip managers and team leaders with the mindset and practical approaches needed to successfully manage an efficient remote team.

As a fully remote team for the last 15 years, Keystone has a wealth of experience in this area and our success has been built on leveraging the positives of a remote workforce. Please see the overview for our Managing Remote Teams course here.

Resilience Training and Wellbeing Course

The Resilience Training and Wellbeing Course (3 hours) is available online, in the form of a webinar. It focuses on giving participants the tools and techniques they need to remain resilient, focused and calm during times of crisis and increased pressure in the workplace. 

Through self-awareness, self-care and methods of showing socially responsible care for others, Keystone's Resilience Training and Wellbeing Course will provide your leaders, managers and teams with the necessary skills to recover and bounce back from adversity and hardships. Please see the overview for this online training course here and get in touch if you would like to talk it through or book a session.

E-learning for Business with LearnExpress

Keystone's own e-learning platform provides businesses with 7 courses uploaded and ready for employees to use. The online courses are highly interactive, featuring acted scenes, quizzes and professional voicemovers, and have accompanying resources and materials. Everyone in the business can access the e-learning courses via computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

To provide a partnership approach to businesses wanting to leverage this crisis and enable employees to continue upskilling rather than pause their development for an indefinite amount of time, Keystone have an ongoing discount on our E-learning for Business courses. We are now offering all 7 LearnExpress courses for one year at the low price of £4000 for all your employees. 

Small businesses can benefit from our bespoke pricing on E-learning courses, tailored to the number of employees in the business. Simply get in touch to discuss individual LearnExpress packages.

Please take a look at the LearnExpress platform and read the course overview here. We offer a free demo log-in to our E-learning for Business platform so please  get in touch with us if you'd like to explore the courses before reaching a decision. 

ILM Leadership and Management Qualification

An ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management delivered through an online course so you can study at home (or with the option of face-to-face workshops where feasible). 

There are two routes, one for Customer Service Leadership (suited to managers, team leaders and aspiring managers in customer-facing organisations) and one for Leadership (suited to managers, team leaders and aspiring managers in other organisations). Please see the overview for this programme here and get in touch if you would like to talk it through.

Construction ILM (C-ILM) Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management Practice

The C-ILM Level 2 Certificate is delivered with extensive virtual and remote options, and now able to be partially covered for CITB levy payers by a CITB Skills and Training Fund for small and medium businesses or usually fully covered by a CITB Leadership and Management Fund for large businesses.

Team Development Training

Ac-CLIMB-atise - a personalised team development training for employees or managers based on the individual's development needs. This team development course consists is available online and consists of webinars, e-learning, virtual classrooms and 1-2-1 coaching sessions. The online team training is a powerful way to get the best out of each of your people or to upskill and motivate a selected group such as people managers or those identified as high potential/talent.

Online Health and Safety Training

Keystone's Online Health and Safety training is focused on the Making Safety Personal approach. Our renowned and impactful health and safety training is available online in the form of a webinar, so employees can learn about workplace and personal safety in the comfort of their own home. The online Health and Safety Training is divided in three levels to benefit all employees- Team, Leading and Sustain. There is an option of including live actor-facilitator material for immersive mindset and behavioural change.  Get in touch to have a chat with us. Find out more in our overview here about the three levels of training available - One Team, Leading and Sustain 

Business Training and Employee Training by Keystone

Keystone deliver business training and employee training for your organisation, done with expertise. The vast majority of our behavioural safety, leadership, management, interpersonal skills and business skills training are available as online courses, including e-learning, online forums, digital action learning groups and self-directed activity-based learning from home or work. 

We are working with a number of clients, helping them continue with business and employee training while working from home. If your organisational culture has traditionally focused on face-to-face workshops, we recognise that this shift is a cultural change. Keystone will deliver the necessary training to upskill employees and get their engagement, as well as to review processes and systems to support the change. 

Our team and our expert consultants are ready to assist with this - please get in touch to have a chat with us. Please do get in touch if a conversation would be helpful. We look forward to talking with you.