How To Implement Disability Awareness Into Your Business

Here at Keystone, we believe that disability awareness in an organisation is incredibly important and, if implemented properly, is beneficial straight away. In this blog we are going to explore the benefits of disability awareness training in the workplace and why it is important.

Why Is Disability Awareness Important?

People are diverse, with different needs, that can be both visible or invisible. Making sure that every person in your organisation is having their basic needs met should be a high priority for leaders in business as a happy workforce creates better results. However, the onus should not just be put on leaders to make sure that employees are feeling comfortable, but on all levels of an organisation. Disability awareness is important because if all members of an organisation are aware of the needs of their disabled colleagues, then everyone will feel comfortable and happy in the workplace.

Disability awareness is not only for the benefit of current employees but also for future employees. When those in positions of authority in recruitment are able to consider the needs of applicants, it ensures that the recruitment process is fair and open to all.

Disabilities that can affect work performance can come in many forms, such as physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health issues, and autistic spectrum disorder. Understanding the key differences between these and the characteristics of each will allow you to be more informed and effective when communicating with those affected.

Here at Keystone Training, we endeavour to help organisations become more aware of their employees’ needs so that they can see the benefits of a happy and inclusive workplace. That’s where our Disability Awareness Training comes in.

What Is Disability Awareness Training?

Disability awareness training is training that aims to create a more inclusive workplace by dispelling any myths and misconceptions, providing information on relevant laws, and providing participants with guidance on how to create a comfortable environment for their disabled colleagues. Our Equality and Diversity Training programme can be tailored to cover disability awareness training in a digestible format to ensure that you are well informed.

At Keystone, we have flexible options available to provide bespoke training to organisations of all sizes, so you can be sure that we will leave your organisation well-informed and comfortable that any questions they may have are answered.

When Is Disability Pride Month?

Disability Pride Month takes place every July. AmeriDisability describes DPM as an opportunity to “promote visibility and mainstream awareness of the positive pride felt by people with disabilities”. We understand that the diversity of people is what makes human beings special, so here at Keystone Training, we are strong advocates of organisations celebrating Disability Pride Month not only to raise awareness but to further validate their disabled employees.

How Can I Get Disability Awareness Training?

If you feel like your organisation could benefit from Disability Awareness Training, whether it be to benefit current employees or future, please get in touch today and we will create a bespoke plan for your organisation, no matter the size.