Equality & Diversity Training

ILM Level 4 Award in Managing Equality and Diversity in an Organisation

This two-day E&D training course is for all people managers and HR teams. It raises understanding of the importance of equality and diversity training, and also equips managers with the skills needed to build a truly inclusive culture in their teams and more widely across the workplace. The final session covers how to carry out Equality Impact Assessments, providing your staff with a skill that can benefit the organisation and help develop leaders on a long-term basis. Download the PDF to find out more.

Leading Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

This one-day equality and diversity training course is a shorter version of our accredited two-day E&D course and covers similar content but without Equality Impact Assessments. Aimed at people managers, it's a robust day's training that can help to start embedding an equality culture in your organisation. Download the PDF to find out more.

Our equality and diversity training is designed to help your staff better understand their responsibilities and how they apply to your overall business in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion. We can help support your organisation so that it can protect itself from potential legal issues by ensuring thorough compliance with legislation. Equally important, however, is our expertise in helping organisations create a diverse culture and inclusive working environment. You will benefit from the many advantages this brings, including improved innovation, sustainable growth, hiring and retaining the right talent and securing your market position and promoting a diverse workplace culture, in order to create an inclusive working environment.

We understand that each business is unique and will have different requirements resulting from identified development needs. Our facilitators are experienced in people development and business management. We have the professionalism and credibility to engage all your people in learning and communication skills training, in order to help avoid discrimination in the workplace and promote awareness of the benefits of diversity.

If you are interested in our specialist equality and diversity training or you would like to find out about our webinar training courses, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team via email or call us on 0115 985 6576 for a consultation.

Disability Awareness Training

Our disability equality training solutions are designed to increase disability awareness across your organisation and help you to develop strategies for implementing disability equality throughout your business. We can support you with disability awareness training courses, Equality Impact Assessments (EqIA) and EqIA training.

We ensure that our personal and team development solutions are always high impact, challenging and bring about tangible change and progress in relation to understanding disabilities.

We pride ourselves on providing flexible options to suit the needs of employers and their staff at Keystone Training. We are happy to be able to offer Equality and Diversity Webinars and Disability Awareness  Training courses during this challenging time. For more information on the range of training webinars we are currently offering and the e-learning platform that will facilitate this, please visit our homepage.

To find out more about our disability awareness training, equality, diversity and inclusion training and consultation, contact us by email or by calling on 0115 985 6576 for a consultation.