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You might have come across companies that ‘do drama’ or have found their way into learning and development via working in theatre. What makes Keystone different is that we are passionate about integrating these techniques with our learning excellence to deliver business results.

How can our drama-based learning help your organisation?

Our RAISE model explains how we raise the skills, commitment and confidence of your people to deliver sustainable change:

We understand that many people dread the idea of roleplay. Keystone programmes are designed so that participants interact in ways that makes it individualised, safe and challenging.

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Our adaptability means we respond to what’s happening in the training at any moment. This makes the experience truly dynamic and puts your people in control.


Our preparation and experience means your people interact with characters and scenarios that hold a mirror up to their reality. This removes barriers to learning as they are immersed in their own worlds.


Your people ‘give things a go’ until they discover what it’s like to do things excellently and with confidence. They leave with increased motivation, inspired to make positive changes back at work.


Our psychologically safe spaces mean people move out of their comfort zones to discover their real potential. Learning is embedded as they realise that stretch activities deliver positive outcomes for them and their organisation.


We surprise, entertain and challenge participants via characters and scenarios that provoke a response. This creates the emotional connection which is key to doing the right thing, the right way, back at work where it really matters.

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Keystone are passionate about using drama-based learning only where it adds value to your organisation and people. Due to our bespoke approach to research and design, immersive drama-based learning can be found across our entire service offerings. From executive coaching, safety culture change and leadership and management programmes through to personal impact training and customer excellence development, Keystone’s drama-based learning delivers results because:

  • It’s a practical and adaptable way of learning as it focuses on real things that can be immediately felt and understood.
  • It allows participants to face and overcome limiting behaviours in a psychologically safe space.
  • It presents behaviours as if looking into a mirror, helping participants identify what needs to change – before being given the power to make that change a reality.
  • It actively encourages collaboration, dynamic problem-solving, critical thinking, and a sense of purpose.

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“Delegates are challenged to think and behave differently and have many opportunities to practise, reflect and re-practise positive behaviours. This is partly due to the thorough research Keystone conducts in advance (to ensure actors have the appropriate language and understanding) and partly due to the actors’ unique skills in balancing acting with facilitation. Actors are able to translate delegates’ ideas and reported anecdotes into ‘live’ scenarios, ready to be explored and worked through by the delegates. This makes the sessions highly energetic, immediate and effective. I have immense admiration for the actors’ ability to listen to the delegates and turn their reality into training material and then into a successful outcome.”

Operations Director

Balfour Beatty Rail

“We consider Keystone a true learning partner. They’ve brought a new way of developing our staff that hadn’t been experienced within the business. The actor facilitators really take the time to gain a true and honest understanding of how the business works, which is reflected greatly within the learning scenarios – these enable our employees to get involved in and practice what they’re learning, and appreciate the ‘realness’ of the situations. Keystone have delivered three separate projects for us and we are seeing positive changes within our employees from these. We can’t recommend the Keystone approach enough.”

Learning and Development Manager

Briggs Equipment

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