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At Keystone, we take a unique approach to leadership development that is grounded in the concept of cultivating a growth mindset. We believe that if leaders are self-aware and encouraged to be open to new experiences, are they will be better equipped to overcome challenges, inspire their teams, and create a positive and productive culture.

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How can our leadership and management development courses help your organisation?

Our bespoke development programmes are designed to challenge participants to step out of their comfort zones, develop new skills and perspectives, challenge perceptions and assumptions, and take risks in their learning to grow so they in turn can help others to grow. We also recognise the challenges that come with leading hybrid teams. We provide managers with the tools and strategies they need to successfully lead teams that are both remote and in-person.

We equip leaders with skills in communication, team dynamics, and building trust in a hybrid environment so they can create a cohesive team culture, regardless of their team’s physical location. We also specialise in developing talent and graduates with customised, stretching programmes that are directly linked to your business goals and the participants’ individual role objectives.

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One key aspect of creating a productive team culture is developing psychological safety. Leaders who prioritise psychological safety create a work environment where team members feel comfortable speaking up, sharing ideas, and learning from their mistakes. This increases the team’s creativity and productivity. We provide leaders with the tools they need to create psychological safety within their teams. We also provide guidance on how to handle conflict, encourage healthy debate, and foster an environment of respect and trust.

Our ethos is centred on the belief that leaders have a responsibility to create a culture of support and appropriate challenge to grow their teams towards high performance. We help leaders understand that their actions and behaviours have a ripple effect on their teams and the organisation as a whole. By focusing on positivity, resilience, and adaptability, we help leaders develop the skills they need to create a culture where everyone can thrive and achieve their full potential.

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Effective leadership development through experiential learning, coaching, and sustainability tools

All our leadership development is based around experiential learning, coaching, and sustainability tools to help leaders really step into the leadership space and embed their skills back at work.

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“Keystone and GRAHAM, the facilitator who worked closely to construct a graduate programme that is so applicable to everyday work. The facilitator who delivered the programme was an excellent coach, very organised and structured/tailored the content to each individual taking a keen interest in each person in our group. Overall the programme has greatly helped me in my development and I can’t wait for what GRAHAM and Keystone have organised for the next stage of my career as I look to forward to further developing my leadership approach to assist my organisation to grow in the construction industry.”


GRAHAM Construction

“In the last 12 months, BAM have commissioned Keystone to develop and deliver a bespoke ILM Leadership Development programme. This was a tremendous success, due in no small part to the excellence of the Keystone facilitator, but supported by very efficient administration and support. Keystone have a very collaborative approach, ensuring that their proposals were in line with our requirements and being very flexible in accommodating any changes that we wanted to make. The impact that the training has had on our delegates has been noticeable.”

Director of Learning and Development

BAM Construct

“Keystone is essentially the best learning provider we have worked with. They lead us to a solution that is beyond what we had originally anticipated. The highest form of recommendation we can give is that from Executive Board to training participant level, everyone sees the value, return on investment and the cost effectiveness of working with Keystone. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Head of Human Resources

GRAHAM Construction

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