"The whole day has been extremely productive. Meets the needs of changes to organisation and service delivery." Suki Bhamra, Urban Design (Customer Relationship Management)

Organisational development (OD) ensures that you have a strategic overview of the real needs of the business, and can focus your finite time and resources on the areas where they will get the greatest results. OD is the practice of bringing planned change to organisations, departments and teams. It focuses on looking at how to improve both the individual and the organisation's performance through implementing a range of integrated activities and processes. However, only the individual people in your organisation can facilitate these changes to improve your organisation's performance and effectiveness. That's why OD has to take a top-down approach and involve all levels of employee and management.

Keystone offers a full range of organisational development strategies, activities and consulting support. Typically, we are engaged by our clients to deliver:

  • A comprehensive Organisational Development Needs Analysis
  • Facilitation of senior team strategy and team effectiveness
  • Culture change programmes
  • Values definition and implementation
  • Talent management
  • Management development programmes
  • Competence framework design
  • Performance management implementation
  • Behavioural change programmes and change implementation support



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