Eric Wright Case Study

A theatre based UK Roadshow for all staff and contractors.

Positive Intervention Skills was a new training package designed to support safety behaviours at work. This was the first step of a three year strategy aimed at guiding Eric Wright’s culture, across all business units, towards interdependence.

Safety training had traditionally been based around technical qualifications, and this had contributed to a plateau of lost time incidents and accidents. Now the aim was to ensure a decrease of the AFR by highlighting the impact of behaviours upon safety, in particular they wanted to highlight the power of people-to-people intervention in regards to visual leadership.

We were asked to present safety training options that would engage all level of leaders from the outset and build upon any previous development for employees over a period of time. The training initiative had to be impactful and designed to engage the whole workforce – from executives through to the operatives on site. We were warned that’ reaching’ all employees could prove challenging in a working environment in which some employees may not work with others from job to job, site to site. The behavioural safety initiative had to successfully overcome such challenges.

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