Account Management

This one day course is designed to equip account managers with the tools they need to proactively manage and grow their accounts.

Account Management

1 Day

Available online


Using our 3-step account management model, along with a CRM pyramid and a client perceptions grid, delegates learn how to understand the client’s objectives and project-specific requirements, build rapport, manage resources to meet the needs, monitor account performance and set stretching targets (relationship and financial) for growing the account. Delegates work on one of their live accounts throughout the course and come away with a clear strategy plus action and communication plans for developing that account – and the tools to apply this to all their other accounts.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify where your clients are situated in the Account Management Mode, the Client Relationship Management Pyramid and the Client Perceptions Grid.
  • State at least 3 key actions you will take with each client to move them to the next stage of these models.
  • Describe strategies for increasing the value of each client relationship to your organisation.


  • The philosophy of effective account management – exceptional customer care, moments of truth, internal and external customers and the attitude virus
  • The Keystone Account Management Model: Understand, Maintain, Develop
  • Practical activities and mapping exercises
  • The Keystone Client Relationship Management Pyramid and customer tiers
  • The Keystone Client Perceptions Grid
  • Key account manager communication skills
  • Building rapport – matching and mirroring, and adapting your style to meet their needs
  • Questioning techniques to change thinking, manage objections and challenge assumptions; outcome, values and impact questions
  • Persuasion patterns, objection handling patterns and agreement frames
  • Influencing internally to make things happen
  • Delivering on promises
  • Summary and close

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