Advanced Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

This programme concentrates on developing the power and impact of each employee in any high level presentation or public speaking scenario.

Advanced Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Available onsite


Delegates will gain an insight into their personal communication style and how this impacts upon their presentation style.

Each delegate will learn how to create innovative, inspiring presentations and will develop their style as strong facilitator, influencer and speaker.  Delegates will learn to step away from PowerPoint™, to become aware of its strengths, uses and limitations, and to use additional methods for delivering their message.

Delegates will benefit from advanced one to one coaching and guidance from a professional public speaker and will finish the programme energised and confident in their ability to become an accomplished presenter.


  • For each delegate to become familiar with their strengths and development areas as a presenter, facilitator and public speaker.
  • For each delegate to learn to become an inspirational and eloquent speaker.
  • For each delegate to learn how to manage their audience through effective facilitation techniques.
  • For delegates to learn how to create and prepare memorable presentations.
  • For delegates to learn how to use a variety of tools to enhance their presentation, whilst learning how to use themselves as their biggest visual aid.

N.B.  Each delegate will be asked to prepare a ten-minute presentation or public speech prior to the course.


  • Presentation by each delegate
  • Feedback around each delegate’s development areas
  • Raising your game! – Tutor presentation
  • Visual aids
  • Movement – space
  • Hooking the audience
  • Designing a powerful speech
  • Video coaching
  • One to one tailored guidance

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