Bid Management and Writing

This one-day programme is designed to establish how the bid management team can successfully manage the processes associated with managing tenders using best practice napproaches to systems and procedures.

Bid Management and Writing

1 Day

Available online


This course enables the bid writing team to use business winning techniques throughout a tender or pre-qual that give them greater influence and impact with the client.


  • For business leaders to attend training together as a leadership team in order to strategically plan for winning more work.
  • For business leaders to promote all learning and ensure that a consistent and agreed approach is managed throughout the business thus supporting further development.
  • For the relevant department teams to become more closely engaged in the winning work process and the impact they can have upon it, and to learn methods and techniques for more proactive and effective work winning strategies. For the bid management and business development teams to agree best practice methods for strengthening their winning work processes, particularly (for example) when completing pre-quals.


  • Understanding your client’s map of the world
  • The sphere of influence
  • ‘MUSIC’ – Movers, Users, Scrutineers, Investors, Consultants
  • Analysing the PQQ/bid
  • The ‘Little Bible’
  • Planning and aligning the submission
  • Common PQQ/bid failings and how to avoid them
  • Winning strategies
  • The coloured pen test
  • USP vs CVP
  • ‘BASE’ – Benefit, Affinity, Solution, Evidence
  • Learning to ‘K.I.S.S.’
  • Team review and action planning
  • Summary and close

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