Change Management Skills

This highly practical course is focused on the tools, techniques and strategies needed to effectively plan for, and manage, change.

Change Management Skills

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Providing delegates with the knowledge and skills needed to anticipate change, to focus their efforts where the most business benefit can be gained, to manage the human and financial aspects of change, to plan, implement and monitor change and to identify and manage stakeholders through effective project plans and communication, this course is a solid overview of change management that will be of benefit to new and existing managers and team leaders alike.


  • For each delegate to understand the nature of change
  • For each delegate to be able to anticipate and forecast change
  • For each delegate to confidently manage the people and financial aspects of change
  • For each delegate to be able to use planning tools to implement a change
  • For each delegate to be able to monitor a change plan
  • For each delegate to manage and communicate effectively with stakeholders


  • Welcome and objectives
  • The need for change
  • A framework for managing change
  • Identifying and managing stakeholders
  • People aspects of change
  • PESTEL and SWOT analyses
  • Force field analysis
  • Planning and implementing change
  • Monitoring and evaluating change
  • Financial effects of change
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Personal action planning
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