Developing Yourself as a Team Leader

The purpose of this standard is to enable the delegate to develop knowledge and understanding of the role and responsibilities of a team leader and be able to improve personal performance. CITB Registered Employers can claim £140 for each delegate successfully completing this course and its assessment.

Developing Yourself as a Team Leader

1 Day

Available onsite and online

Guided Learning Hours

6 hours which are delivered as 1 day (virtual or face-to-face) plus pre- and post-work.


A Question and Answer paper completed at the end of Day 1.

Learning outcomes

The delegate will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the team leader, including details on responsibilities, accountabilities and interactions with team members, peers and managers
  • Describe the responsibilities of the team leader within the team, with a focus on how responsibilities are met
  • Explain the limits of the team leader’s authority and their accountability with an explanation of what, when and how matters would need to be referred to a higher authority
  • Describe an example situation where they would need to refer to someone with senior authority, explaining why this is beyond the responsibility of a team leader and would therefore need to be referred to a senior authority
  • Gather comprehensive feedback on own performance from a variety of different sources
  • Conduct a full, detailed interpretation of the gathered feedback
  • Make an explicit link between the feedback and the identification of the areas for improvement, providing a clear reason for the latter
  • Prepare a comprehensive and detailed action plan, complete with objectives, timescales, etc which shows awareness of resource issues and review
  • Ensure the action plan addresses development areas in a way that has the potential for a significant improvement in performance

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