Client Interviews and Meetings

This two-day programme shows bid managers, account managers and client relationship managers – as well as anyone who needs to attend client meetings – how to handle meeting and interview situations effectively.


Client Interviews and Meetings

2 Days

Available onsite


Within this course, we cover building rapport, managing the relationship, sales skills, influence and persuasion, objection handling techniques and general meeting skills.


Day One

  • The psychology behind winning work
  • Understanding your client’s map of the world and how different we all are
  • Meta programmes and adapting your style to meet their needs
  • Establishing yourself as the supplier of choice
  • The influencing model and each key step
  • Influential key communication skills and pacing/leading
  • Questioning techniques to change thinking, manage objections and challenge assumptions; outcome, values and impact questions
  • Using empathy and reassurance to build trust
  • Chunking up and chunking down to change the client’s thought processes
  • Persuasion patterns, objection handling patterns and agreement frames
  • Managing challenging situations through to win/win outcomes
  • Influencing internally to make things happen

Day Two

  • Why do client meetings and interviews fail?
  • Planning for the meeting or interview – organisational principles that must be fulfilled for subsequent effort to be effective
  • Before the meeting or interview – arranging, co-ordinating and communicating
  • The meeting or interview in process
  • The skills of the chairperson, participants and interviewees
  • Encouraging participation and dealing with difficult people
  • Setting objectives, measuring results and managing ongoing concerns
  • Facilitation skills and managing group dynamics
  • Brainstorming and objective setting tools

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