Coaching Skills for Internal Coaches

This two day programme outline has been specifically designed in order to develop delegates in their roles as an internal coach.

Coaching Skills for Internal Coaches

2 Days

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Delegates will learn how to match their coaching approach to the competence and confidence (as well as learning style) of the coachee. They will learn when to instruct, coach, motivate or delegate.

Each delegate will also learn how to develop a clear, understandable communication style that concentrates on questioning techniques and listening skills.

Using Transactional Analysis, they will learn techniques for matching their entire coaching approach to the working style of the learner – for example to give more time and details to ‘Be Perfects’, and to keep ‘Hurry-ups’ focused with quick exercises.

Each delegate will have the opportunity to practice coaching every group member through a variety of different coaching exercises throughout the two days. By learning about themselves they will in turn learn how to adapt to and coach others.

A fun, challenging and supportive learning environment will help each delegate to confidently view themselves as an ‘in-company coach’.

N.B The facilitator will produce a report with full feedback on each delegate, their ability and drive to take on the role and the support they will need to get them moving forward.


  • For each delegate to understand what the role of an internal coach means to them and the business.
  • For each delegate to understand all the different types of coaching they could provide and the role that they will play in delivering these.
  • For each delegate to understand situational coaching and how to coach ‘in the moment’.
  • For each delegate to be aware of the elements of successful coaching and guidance using the SOARR model.
  • For each delegate to learn how to plan a longer-term coaching approach to each individual in order to ensure continuous improvement.
  • For each delegate to assess their natural coaching style, strengths and areas for growth.
  • For each delegate to improve their ability to give feedback, guide, advise, question and inspire others to develop.
  • For each delegate to understand how to adapt their coaching or training style by making it appropriate to the learning style of the individual being coached.

Day One

  • Introduction and fun Icebreaker
  • Course outline and objectives
  • The ‘In company’ coach – role definition
  • The Super Coach – my coaching support
  • Situational Training exercises
  • What’s my learning style?
  • How can adapt to each learning style?
  • Exercises and actions plans
  • Break
  • What’s my communication style?
  • How can I adapt to other communication styles?
  • Practical exercises and action plan
  • Lunch
  • SOARR coaching model
  • Afternoon case studies
  • How would I plan to train this individual?
  • How would I adapt my style?
  • Summary and Close

Day Two

  • Recap from day one
  • Working Styles
  • Adapting to each style
  • Key communication strategies as a coach/ Facilitator
  • Funnelling technique
  • Chunking up and chunking down
  • Practical activities around different coachees with different levels of confidence and competence, different working styles and learning styles
  • Practical activities around coaching areas, such as brand awareness.
  • Tutor coaching and feedback throughout
  • Final summary and action Plan
  • Close

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