Collaborative Working

Collaborative Working

Available onsite


Pre-work – each participant completes a DiSC or Insights report

Introduction and setting the scene

Aims and objectives/Introductions

What different behavioural types are and how they work together/can clash.

  • Introduction to DiSC and collaborative working
  • Introduction to DiSC styles and their different strengths and preferences

Our partnership team – the overall picture of different behavioural types.

Pre-course DiSC reports

  • The pros and cons of our team make-up.
  • How we can ensure we maximise the benefits and also mitigate against any potential areas of conflict or role anxiety.

‘A Day in the Life’ – Activity

  • ‘People Reading’ – identifying the styles of others

Moving towards a partnering approach: what the team needs to do collectively and as individuals.

  • Collaborative partnering skills – input around consultancy, collaboration, curiosity, and customer excellence
  • The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team (Lencioni)

Agreeing a collaborative ‘team charter’

  • ‘Teamship’

Tools and techniques for taking a regular ‘temperature gauge’ of ongoing progress/delivery.

  • How to deal with issues as the team progresses in its development and work.

Action Planning

Course Close

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