Commercial Awareness

For many managers in non-commercial roles, the phrase ‘Commercial Awareness’ is a bit of a mystery. What is it, how does it relate to their role – and more importantly, why should they be concerned about it?

Commercial Awareness

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Even managers who are already familiar with Commercial Awareness and engage with it in their roles often find that they appreciate the chance to put some structure and clarity around what they do, and benefit from refining their understanding and knowledge.

This one day course is designed specially to match your delegates’ exact needs and to make Commercial Awareness something that any manager can be comfortable working with effectively in their role.


  • For each delegate to:
  • Contribute to their organisational goals by recognising, utilising and creating opportunities
  • Demonstrate an understanding of what is happening in their sector
  • Understand the nature/requirements of a job
  • Display financial awareness
  • Identify, implement/monitor idea development
  • Interpret data presented in a numerical or graphical format


  • Designed to suit your exact requirements, but might for example include:
  • Business focus
  • Future plans
  • Contractual awareness
  • Contract law
  • Types of contract
  • Cost control
  • Communication
  • Security
  • Insurances
  • Payment
  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • Programmeming

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