Complaint Handling

This two day effective complaint handling programme is specifically designed to support delegates who interact with the client through written feedback (particularly emails) when managing complaints.

Complaint Handling

2 Days

Available online


This course will provide the skills necessary for dealing with hard-to-handle people/customer contact email situations. Delegates are given practical techniques to help them manage a wide variety of potentially confrontational written communications confidently and effectively. They will also be taught how to follow an influencing model that will leave the receiver feeling listened to, reassured and looked after.

The programme will also focus on business writing skills, grammatical do’s and don’ts as well as tips for building rapport and giving an exceptional customer-focused response.

N.B. Keystone would use your standard letters and emails during practical activities s examples and case studies.


  • Understand the classic characteristics of challenging, written customer interactions and strategies for managing each.
  • Pre-empt difficult situations and avoid escalating them further.
  • Mastering proactive, influential written language.
  • Manage aggressive behaviour and reactions.
  • Calm angry, upset and unresponsive individuals through written language.
  • Strengthen ability to influence customers and build rapport through punchy impressive emails and written language.
  • Understand how to analyse the customer’s original letter/email and respond accordingly.
  • Understand how to adapt use of language to a type that will appeal best to each individual customer.
  • Build credibility through professional business writing skills.

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