Contract Mobilisation

Organisations invest significant amounts of money into the tender wining process; however, if successful, the amount of time during mobilisation in making sure the deliverables will match the client’s expectations is not always as generous or proactively managed.

Contract Mobilisation

2 Days

Available onsite


As a result of this, misunderstandings can arise quickly and conflict develops which, if not addressed quickly, can remain throughout the project and impact on
future opportunities. Our mobilisation workshops are focused on developing relationships, gaining clarity of objectives and how performance will be measured. We facilitate a two-day workshop which enables the team to consider roles and relationships and how best to manage them. Together, the team will establish the scope of the contract and get clarity over the deliverables, and from that agree how these will be met. We help you to plan how to build relationships with all stakeholder contacts at every level and to agree how review meetings will run. We also cover dealing with conflict, building rapport and establishing trust in the new relationship. The workshop will provide a strong foundation to get the project off to the best possible start. The 2 day workshop we deliver is based around the 7 capaibility areas required to operate effectively in a Matrix or Complex Environment (MaCE) which most projects tend to operate within. We also design bespoke workshops to meet client requirements if the MaCE workshop is not suitable and the client needs to focus on specifc areas relevant to their sitiuation. The seven capability areas are:

  • Ambiguity Management
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Political Intelligence
  •  Conflict Handling
  • Leadership Accountability
  • Interpreneurial Creativity


  • Analysis of the Matrix and Complex Environments (MaCE) diagnostic report
  • Clarity on the difference between operating structures
  • Clarity on the role of a leader operating in a Matrix or Complex Environment
  • Identification of the key 7 capability areas required to make MaCE structures work effectively
  • Flexible leadership and team working skills
  • Stakeholder investigation, alignment and influencing
  • Influencing without authority
  • Managing yourself and leading others through ambiguity
  • Working across organisational and territorial lines to provide innovative business solutions
  • Effective feedback and decision making processes
  • Conflict resolution and management
  • The different types of power that are effective in MaCE organisations
  • Effective navigation of the political landscape using political intelligence
  • Exploring and resolving ‘real life’ MaCE challenges

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