Customer Service Skills

Customer Service Skills

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This programme examines the skills necessary for anyone who interacts with customers, focusing on building rapport and trust through effective communication. Delegates will learn how to sustain long-term relationships and manage complaints effectively with the aim of ensuring that the customer experience is second to none.


  • For each delegate to gain a better understanding of what is required in giving exceptional customer care.
  • For each delegate to learn how to maximise even the shortest possibility to develop rapport, whether face to face or over the telephone.
  • For each delegate to understand how to manage difficult situations and difficult customers and to turn objections into opportunities to exceed customer expectations.
  • For each delegate to learn how to effectively influence the customer through an understanding of the customer’s needs, wants and expectations.
  • For each delegate to quickly understand the personality and inner drivers of a customer and adapt their own personal style in order to mirror the customer, build understanding and collaboration.


  • Who are your customers and what do they want?
  • Providing an exceptional ‘experience’
  • Building a customer mentality
  • The attitude virus – examining internal and external customer care
  • What’s my communication style – personal assessment tool
  • What type of customers would I find most challenging?
  • Techniques for adapting my customer relationship management style
  • Communication skills – listen, question, and empathise
  • Gestures and speech patterns that put customers at ease
  • Influencing customers
  • Five decision making steps to customer excellence
  • Turning complaints into opportunities
  • Managing internal clients
  • The reasons for customer complaints
  • The correct response
  • Calming customers and regaining goodwill
  • Managing difficult situations/people

N.B. This workshop can incorporate the use of actors to recreate challenging real-life scenarios and allow delegates to experience immediate feedback on their proposed actions in a ‘live’ setting.

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