Customer Upselling and Referral Strategy


Often a company focuses on “new business” when in fact they can capture more revenue from their existing customers, and, can also generate referrals. This one-day course demonstrates why, and how.

Customer Upselling and Referral Strategy

Available onsite


  • Understand the basics of the AIDA sales process.
  • Enable delegates to see how their own actions and mindset will influence success.
  • Change client engagement from management to strategy.
  • Tactics to increase revenue, and touch points.
  • Explain why referrals matter, and how to create an action plan that works 12 months of the year.


Session 1:

  • How to get more from the whole account.
  • Creating a plan of action.
  • Your standards define your success. What you think you attract.

Session 2:

  • What does proactive look like?
  • Deciding your touch points, and how to engage.
  • What to look for, how, and where. Future thinking, job moves, trends.

Session 3:

  • The power of questions, and how to use.
  • Referral Mastery – why they work, and how to ask for them.
  • Action planning between Marketing and Account Management and “Battleships” tactics.

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