Delegating Effectively

The workshop has been specifically designed to enable managers or supervisors to effectively delegate to teams and individuals.

Delegating Effectively

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It also examines how to coach and manage the performance of others in order to ensure that they are confident that work will be carried out effectively.


  • For delegates to understand the process of effective delegation.
  • For delegates to understand what should and should not be delegated.
  • For delegates to understand how to empower their teams.
  • For delegates to understand how to give feedback on performance


  • What delegation is and isn’t
  • Why we avoid delegation and the impact of this
  • The benefits of delegating
  • Linking delegation to performance management and coaching
  • Situational leadership and how this relates to delegating
  • How to delegate – tools and techniques
  • Planning to delegate
  • Organisational skills
  • Coaching skills – the SOARR model
  • Monitoring and measuring
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Adapting your style to meet an individual’s confidence and competence level
  • Managing motivation
  • Action plan and close

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