Delivery of Site Operations and Logistics

The purpose of this standard is to enable the delegate to develop knowledge and understanding of planning and putting team members to work on site to improve quality and team performance as required by a practising or potential site supervisor.

Delivery of Site Operations and Logistics

Available onsite and online

CITB Registered Employers can claim £240 for each delegate successfully completing this course and its assessment.

Guided Learning Hours

14 hours which are delivered as 2 days (virtual or face-to-face) plus pre- and post-work.


A Question and Answer paper completed at the end of Day 2.

Learning outcomes

The delegate will be able to:

  • Describe organisational targets relevant to the team precisely and with a detailed and relevant context
  • Explain the practices involved in setting SMART objectives for the team to achieve targets
  • Describe a technique to plan to achieve the objectives
  • Explain the practices involved in how to monitor and control a planned activity
  • Explain why the supply chain is important in delivering results and meeting customer requirements
  • Describe two or more environmental issues which impact upon the planning of site operations and logistics
  • Describe what action the supervisor can take to enable the organisation to fulfil its environmental responsibilities
  • Describe resources required to complete a planned activity within a detailed and relevant context
  • Explain the practices of how to allocate work to team members
  • Describe how individual performance can be improved through a clear allocation of responsibilities
  • Explain how to assess and support individual and team performance in achieving objectives
  • Describe a possible cause of variance from a planned activity within a detailed and relevant context
  • Explain actions to overcome causes of variance within a detailed and relevant context
  • Describe the principal features of what poor performance looks like to describe and rectify poor performance
  • Explain how to involve team members in identifying ways to improve performance to meet objectives
  • Explain why quality is important to internal and external customers
  • Describe the quality system used on site
  • Explain how a supervisor will locate and interpret the appropriate quality specifications
  • Explain how quality is monitored, documented and recorded on site
  • Explain how method statements operate to show the importance of method statements in achieving the required quality standards
  • Explain how the supervisor can take practical and positive steps to improve quality on site


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