Developing a Behavioural Safety Culture

Developing a Behavioural Safety Culture

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This course is designed for senior managers who need to develop and/or lead a culture of behavioural safety. It is aligned with your existing health and safety policy and any behavioural leadership programmes you may already have.  There is a need for a strong lead on safety from senior managers to drive a safety culture not just within the business but also with sub-contractors. As a result, the course focuses on coaching and leadership behaviours  to underpin a more strategic and political approach. We make use of actors to help embed the skills and behaviours that will underpin this culture.


  • For each manager to understand where their organisation is and where it is headed in terms of behavioural safety
  • For each manager to identify their personal role and responsibilities in developing and/or leading a safety culture
  • For the group as a whole to create a route map showing agreed group and individual actions and commitments to deliver the required outcomes
  • To develop leadership confidence in using political awareness, relationship management and stakeholder intelligence to successfully communicate, coach and influence those who need to support in embedding a safety culture within the organisation and within sub-contractor companies


  • Pre-work assessment of existing safety culture (using a range of assessment and/or profiling tools if appropriate)
  • Existing state review
  • Our vision for safety
  • Legislative impacts
  • Defined goal and objectives
  • Route map showing our journey
  • Force field analysis for identifying and minimising/eliminating barriers and obstacles in the existing policies, culture or organisational structure/way of working
  • Group and individual actions and commitments including identification of safety champions where appropriate
  • Political awareness skills
  • Relationship management skills
  • Using stakeholder intelligence to create a successful strategy with sub-contractors and other relevant bodies
  • Reflect and review agreed plan
  • Agree next steps
  • Summary and close

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