Effectively Managing Performance Reviews

This programme has been designed for any line manager or supervisor who will be conducting a performance review.

Effectively Managing Performance Reviews

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This course will enable a line manager or supervisor to understand the importance of the process to both themselves and their employee and the positive impact this can have on overall organisational performance.


  • Understand the need for, and benefits of, a review system.
  • Understand the review system (process, forms and follow up).
  • Be able to effectively conduct a performance review so that both the reviewer and reviewee get the most out of it.
  • Be able to set meaningful, business orientated objectives.
  • Be able to deliver positive and negative feedback in a sensitive, objective and solution seeking manner.
  • To be able to use effective questioning and listening skills.
  • Enhance their own interpersonal skills.
  • To finish the course feeling motivated, confident and ready to practically apply their new skills.


  • The reasons for having an effective review system
  • Understanding the review system: the process, the forms and who is involved at what stage
  • Setting objectives using the SMART technique
  • Preparing for the review
  • Conducting a worthwhile, open and honest performance review
  • Skills of a good reviewer, including listening skills, and giving and receiving feedback,
  • Using different questioning techniques
  • How to use a Competency Framework
  • Following up after the review – the GROW coaching model

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