Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

This workshop is designed to equip leaders with the practical skills and tools they need to demonstrate Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in their day-to-day roles and responsibilities.

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

1 Day

Available onsite and online


One day virtual or one day face-to-face


By understanding and being able to manage their own emotions, they will be equipped to recognise different emotional states in others and manage working relationships more effectively. The workshop is focused on translating theory into practice so that EQ is no longer a “buzzword” but rather a skill that participants can use and develop.


By the end of this workshop, delegates should be able to:

  • Describe what ‘Emotional Quotient’ is and how this applies to their leadership role.
  • Use empathy and EQ skills when leading teams in order to build trust.
  • Identify their individual EQ strengths and development areas and have an action plan to implement improvements post-workshop.
  • Use simple workplace tools to overcome their individual preconceived mindsets, perceptions, and biases.


EQ assessment to provide quantitative information on individual strengths and development areas against an EQ framework, the TTI Emotional Quotient assessment.


  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) versus IQ.
  • The role and benefits of EQ in the workplace and its impact on others in a hybrid working world.
  • How EQ supports Authentic Leadership.
  • Neuroplasticity and the brain’s ability to create new neural networks – we can all be a successful and inclusive leader, if we train our brains in the right way.
  • The four neuroplasticity commitments between leaders and teams: brain-friendly learning, establishing our environment and routines, making time for self-reflection, and having fun.
  • Developing our EQ and empathy skills as people and as leaders, starting with our current strengths and opportunities to improve.
  • Understanding mindsets, perceptions and unconscious bias.
  • EQ, people and change.
  • Managing the wellbeing of our teams.
  • Personal action planning.

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