Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA)

A modern, forward-thinking organisation in 2022 is defined by its workforce’s ability to be open-minded and accepting of diversity. If those at both management and staff level implement the right practices through proper equality and diversity training, it is guaranteed to boost employee morale and increase staff loyalty. Employees who feel understood, valued and appreciated are going to be happier employees and staff retention will rise.

Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA)

Practical One-Day Course or 2 x 3hr Virtual Sessions.

Available onsite

This course of equality and diversity training is aimed at team leaders, supervisors and managers, building on the ‘Equality, Inclusion and Diversity in Action’ course detailed above. This course explores how managers can use Equality Impact Assessments to manage diversity and eliminate hidden discriminatory practices that may be embedded within ways of working, policies, systems and procedures.

By the end of this course, delegates will understand how diversity issues may be hidden within an organisation, the effects of this hidden discrimination and how to identify, address and manage it. Each delegate will be able to take diversity to a more strategic level and will leave with a confident understanding of how to use Equality Impact Assessments as a positive workplace tool for eliminating discrimination.

This course of equality and diversity training includes both individual and group work, across written and practical tasks.

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