Everybody is in Sales


A company relies on “the sales team” to make revenue. In reality, everyone can contribute. This fast-paced 2-hour session explains how a collective responsibility to have a sales mindset can compound to create growth. NOTE: The session needs to be linked to the introduction of an incentive scheme that rewards individuals for their contributions that turn into confirmed new revenue.

Everybody is in Sales

Available onsite


  • Understand the basics of the AIDA sales process.
  • Enable each delegate to understand they can contribute to the company revenue, and be rewarded for their efforts.
  • Be aware of what to look and listen for and how to ask the right question.


  • How people buy.
  • Everyone sets their limit.
  • What we think has impact.
  • Instant gratification vs long term effort.
  • “What do you do…?”
  • Being aware of what to look out for and listen for.
  • How to ask better questions.
  • Believe you can.

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