Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is fundamental to our overall health, happiness and productivity. It’s not just about the size of our pay packet and whether it covers the bills.

Financial Wellbeing

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Financial wellbeing is about whether we feel in control, and whether we feel have enough for the things that are important to us now and in the future. When we have financial worries, it can impact both our mental and physical health. 40% of employees state money worries have caused them stress (Evans 2016) and one in four workers report that money worries have affected their ability to do their job (CIPD 2017). The price of everyday essentials has increased dramatically, so even people who haven’t had money worries before or earn a higher salary may now be concerned about maintaining their lifestyle. Rewards and benefits from employers can make a real difference – however, to have true financial wellbeing, employees need to have the financial knowledge to understand their income, their benefits and how to manage their money.

Employers can’t solve people’s financial issues; however, workshops can help employees take control of their financial wellbeing. Workshops help employees consider:

  • What financial wellbeing is and why it matters
  • What causes poor financial wellbeing
  • What you can do to improve your financial wellbeing:
  • How to gain control over day-to-day expenses
  • How to use and manage credit and borrowing
  • How to prepare for the unexpected
  • How to plan for the future
  • Tools and assistance available, from apps to debt advice and support

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