Inspiring, Influencing and Motivating Others

This programme is specifically designed to facilitate managers to possess a positive mental attitude and create inspirational environments around them.

Inspiring, Influencing and Motivating Others

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By understanding who you are when you are at your most positive and confident you can in turn influence and lead others to do the same.

By understanding how to challenge negative attitudes in yourself and in others you can inspire a different way of thinking which ultimately impacts on the performance of your teams.


  • Replace negative thoughts with positive alternatives.
  • Learn to understand and control your emotions.
  • Set yourself goals and then achieve them.
  • Motivate teams and individuals to do the same.
  • Access your maximum potential.
    • Lose habits of negative thinking.
    • Boost your confidence.
    • Raise positivity around you.


• Self esteem – what it affects
• Self esteem assessment
• When do I need a positive mental attitude as a leader?
• When do I need to influence others to have the same attitude?
• Circle of influence- what I can affect?
• NLP exercises around positive thinking
• The circle of influence
• Time lines
• Confidence building techniques (creating a mental fitness plan)
• Exploring my potential and ‘anchoring it’ for any future requirement
• Understanding negative emotions and how I hold myself back
• Understanding my language and how I use it to reinforce negatives beliefs and habits
• Limbic Locks
• Changing my language
• Challenging others to change their language – reframing techniques, inspiring those you lead to think positively too
• Practical exercises around managing others to take ownership, think positively and creatively
• Action plan and close

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