Introduction to Management and Leadership

This programme concentrates on making the transition to a first line management role. Through one-to-one personalised coaching it imparts up-to-date, best practice methods of managing and leading.

Introduction to Management and Leadership

Available onsite

Introduction to Management and Leadership

The delegate will gain personal awareness of their leadership style and how to adapt their natural style to engage and motivate individuals within their team. They will also learn how to manage the team as a whole in order to ensure maximum team effectiveness in the workplace. By attending a one-to-one coaching session the delegate will benefit from training personalised to their needs and objectives.


• To develop responsibilities and accountabilities of the first line manager.
• To manage the issues you may face with work-based friends and colleagues when moving from ‘peer’ to ‘leader’.
• To build and manage an effective team through key leadership skills.
• To develop essential people management skills.
• To develop key coaching and delegation techniques in order to strengthen the team’s capabilities.
• To increase your confidence and ability in performance managing your team members.
• To understand your own leadership style, the impact this can have on others, and how to adapt your style to suit the individual and the situation.


  • Understanding the difference between leading and managing
  • Kotter’s model
  • What’s My Leadership Style? Self analysis and personalised coaching
  • Understanding how to effectively manage performance
  • The Support and Challenge model – interactive exercises
  • Situational Leadership – adapting my style to suit the individual
  • Coaching skills – the SOARR model
  • Leading and building successful teams
  • Characteristics of high performing teams – P.E.R.F.O.R.M. mnemonic and current state assessment
  • Personal action plan

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